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Aberglen, CA, USA

Albiba, Denmark

Airlies, IL, USA

Amulet Charm, Oregon, USA

Anluan, Australia

Aus dem Imperium, Germany

Ayla Dizzy, Germany

Banterr, VA, USA

Baystone, TX, USA

Bilstonwake, South Australia

Corkadoon, Ontario, Canada

Culford, New Zealand

Derry, PA, USA

Diamond, IL, USA

Donedaire, CA, USA

Dunloe, PA, USA

Edbrios, Ireland

Egautal, Germany

Emsmuhle, Germany



Fairplay, British Columbia

Fardarrigh, Finland

Galeway, MA, USA

Geordan, WA, USA

Gillmere, MA, USA

Glenstal,  WA, USA

Gloccomara, TX, USA

Gunna, United Kingdom

Hellfire, VT, USA

HorsinAround, British Columbia

Irish Rose, PA, USA

Kells, Germany

Kenwood, British Columbia

Kilkerry, MN, USA

Kelson, MS, USA

Kehoe, NJ, USA

Koudenhoven, The Netherlands

Kloppenburg, Germany

Lenzholz,  Germany

Levetofte, Denmark


Rescue Contact for ITCA

Mars, Arizona, USA

MerryMac, Sweden

Mukhina, Russia

O'Dare, CA, USA

Oh! Patrick, PA, USA

Roismar, Australia

Redloch, TX, USA

RedDevil, Finland

Rifineach, PA, USA

Teaghlach, TX, USA

Tittuppy, Denmark

Tanager Song Farm, USA

Trackways, CA, USA

Van 't Laagveld, The Netherlands

Wa-Ti, Denmark

Wexford, MD, USA

Windeire, Ontario

Woodley Meadows, VA, USA



Special Irish Terriers and Their Owners

Trieven-Sungold Kennel, Wyoming

Redloch Shining Mountain Ceildh (Kaylee) and Her Human Family, the Walkers

A Beloved Irish Terrier: Photos by Don Brodzik

Man's Best Friend is "Man's Best Dog"

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